Product Safety



Product Claim:

Dermatologically Tested, Gynecologist Tested, Tested, Ophthalmologist tested, Dentist Tested

Product Testing:

Irritation Testing, Allergy Testing, Stinging Testing, Non Comedogenic / Non Acnegenic, Hypoallergenic Testing, Single Patch Test, HRIPT, Ophthalmological Testing, Dermatological Testing, Gynecological Testing

Who we are

We are a leading Clinical Testing Laboratory in Indonesia. We provide a wide range of Clinical Study; Safety Testing and Efficacy Testing for cosmetic and toiletries products


We carries out safety and efficacy studies, in vitro tests, sensory analysis studies, and consumer tests for cosmetic and herbal products.
The safety of your products and proof of their efficacy are the objectives we propose to undertake jointly with you in order to provide you the supporting data for your product claims…

Anna Setiadi Ranti, Dr.rer.nat. Apt.

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