Product Efficacy Testing

PT Assetra Inno Medikos designs and carries out product efficacy testing, using instrumental techniques such as corneometry, cutometry, photometry as well as profilometry

Product Safety Testing

PT Assetra Inno Medikos carries out some clinical safety studies : Irritation Testing, Allergy Testing, Stinging Test, Non Comedogenic Testing, Hypoallergenic Testing, Use Test, Dermatologically tested


We provide In – house training/ Workshop Private Consultation

Our Services

Safety Assessment of Cosmetic products by EU certified safety assessor Help to provide Product Information File (PIF) of cosmetic products Product Testing: Safety testing of cosmetic & toiletries products Efficacy testing of cosmetic & toiletries products Supporting data for cosmetic

Our Strength

Are handled by experienced multidisciplinary experts: Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, Dermatologist, Pharmacist, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist and Dentist etc. Ensure the product claims, Ensure the service quality, Use latest skin devices

PT. Assetra Inno Medikos

provides services for product safety assessment and testing for safety & efficacy of cosmetic and toiletries products, as well as consultation